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Canada – Trudeau Is A Politician. I HATE Politicians.

UN report into Saudi-led strikes in Yemen raises questions over UK role A United Nations panel investigating the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen has uncovered “widespread and systematic” attacks on civilian targets in violation of international humanitarian law, raising questions over UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the role of British military advisers. The […]

Thunder Bay – Local Television Running On Fumes…Better Hurry Up And Build That $120 million Hockey Rink!

From the Chronicle Journal… Thunder Bay television station struggling to stay on air Thunder Bay’s locally owned television station appears to be in dire straits and could sign off the air by the fall. That was the warning given by Don Caron, the vice-president and general manager of Thunder Bay Electronics — also known as […]

Thunder Bay – Littering Ain’t Going Away…Ever

Stop trashing city: mayor Thunder Bay’s mayor is taking aim at culprits he says are crippling the city — litterbugs. Tackling littering was a key part of the mayor’s focus, which he says is a top concern for citizens. He said the problem isn’t a corporate issue but one for the community. “City staff are […]

Thunder Bay – There Must Be A Law Against This

Ahhhh yesss….Yesterday morning……these machines need to be illegal.  The noise level they produce MUST be violating some by-law. (previous related post here)

The World – Deadly Bio-Weapon Escapes From Lab In Eastern Europe

Deadly virus loose in Eastern Europe? A virus that is immune to all medicines.  Escaped from an American military lab in the Ukraine.  A bio-weapon. Lets face it….if this virus spreads around the world,  the problem of climate change will be solved very quickly.  And not in a good way… Now why are military experts […]