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Canada – Consumption Of Foreign Made Goods IS The Canadian Economy

Free advice: limit consumption THUNDER BAY city council is being slammed for ending free week at the landfill site. No longer will property owners be able to stockpile junk, cart it to the dump and pay nothing to get rid of it. Council has made a wise decision here, and not just for the estimated […]

Thunder Bay - Leafblowers...Ban Them

Thunder Bay – Leafblowers…Ban Them

Saw this today.  This piece of equipment, a industrial sized leafblower, is used by companies to blow leaves and other debris from lawns, sidewalks and streets into a pile.  Sort of… These machines are really good at two things: making lots of noise and blowing dust around. That is about it. They add carbon to […]

The World – Rising Carbon Dioxide Is Making The Earth GREENER

This news is not actually news. We all knew that green plants suck up carbon out of the atmosphere and store it. Once the plant dies, the carbon is released back into earth/atmosphere. Of course, scientists say that this greening effect will eventually stabilize, and dumping millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere  will […]

The World – The Life And Death Of Prince

An interesting explanation of what might have been the cause of Prince’s death.  Forty-nine minutes long so …. It does go through his life in detail. The video was published on April 24, 2016 and does mention an alleged addiction to pain killers which may have been confirmed with today’s  disclosure of prescription pain killers […]

The World – More On The US Backed Coup Under-Way Brazil

More on the US backed coup that is presently under-way in Brazil now and Venezuela in the future. Another example of what happens to a country that refuses to play ball with the US. The Americans will crush any country that gets out of line. Countries that they cannot crush are labelled as enemies and […]

The World – The Killing Of Bin Laden Update

An interesting version of the killing of Bin Laden from author Seymour Hersh.  Is this finally the truth?  Previous related post here and here

Thunder Bay – The Death Of One Is A Tragedy

The mother says her son found himself in the hospital after an argument between teens escalated to violence Friday evening at the waterfront skate park. In a Facebook message sent to, St. Arnaud describes an altercation that eventually led to her son being struck with a Razor scooter. – Tbnewswatch read full article here […]

Canada – Australia Shows Canada How Its Done

Australia, a country with a population roughly half of Canada’s, has awarded a $AUS50 billion 40 year contract to build 12 new super-modern  submarines. All construction in Australia, using Austrian materials with Australian workers. Canada bought four second hand submarines that were built in the UK using UK materials and UK workers. We paid a […]