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The World – Facebook Is Watching And Listening To Everything You Do

 Facebook is evil.  Plain and simple..its evil. Forget Big Brother, Facebook Is Watching (And Listening) To Everything You Do The debate over Internet privacy and the responsibility social media companies should carry in protecting user privacy never ceases to spark controversy — among both users and tech insiders. But while Facebook, one of the most […]

Thunder Bay – Replacement Funding For Chill’s Home Field?

Something more on the embarrassing state of the city’s soccer fields covered in a previous post. The Thunder Bay Chill is a professional soccer team (football to the purists) sooo that field would not likely qualify for the Feds nfrastructure funding…BUT Remember back in January, our mayor mention the “replacement funding” formula used by the […]

The World – Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer

Makes me wonder about the people I see with their cellphone glued to the side of their head. I believe that there is going to be a global brain cancer plague in the not too distant future. Me?  I don’t have one. Never have and never will. “Game-Changing” Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer It’s […]

The World – The Corbett Report – A Pair Of Videos

James Corbett and James Evan Pilato cover several interesting topics including the FBI and its top secret biometric database….So secret that people are not allowed to know the FBI has their biometric data. ….what would it mean if that database was hacked and tens of millions of peoples’ biometric data was stolen?  Is the RCMP […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday Bloody Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday Bloody Sunday

Something happening down at the Lyceum building. Not sure what but that building is going downhill fast. These are photos of the Court Street hole taken today sans parked car.  Not sure if material was added when the cone was erected or not.  I wonder where all the water is going? Looks like this construction […]

Thunder Bay – A Priority Of One

Councillor says city’s soccer fields are embarrassing A Thunder Bay city councillor says the city’s soccer fields are an embarrassment. McKellar Coun. Paul Pugh on Friday said while he realizes Thunder Bay has other priorities it can’t ignore the state of its recreational facilities. Pugh, a long-time season-ticket holder with the Thunder Bay Chill, said […]

Thunder Bay - Third Times The Charm

Thunder Bay – Third Times The Charm

Update on Court Street Hole in previous post.   (here,  here,  here) .  The pictures are not that great because the new hole is under a car. Repair done on Wednesday.  Repair failed by Saturday. Hmmmmm…..Value for money?  I don’t see it. Maybe we should hand this repair over to the private sector? At least a […]

The World – Super Virus Reaches US…Actually Its Not A Virus…Its Bacteria

You can worry about  climate change all you want.  Me?  I am going to worry about: World War 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever the next global conflict will be and The impending global financial collapse and the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The Gary Franchi keeps calling this a virus but its a bacteria.  […]

The World – US Military Industrial Complex Pushing The Large Military Build-ups Around The World

The US Military Industrial Complex pushing the large military build-ups around the world? In order to sell more weapons around the world , the US Defence Industry needs to give the countries around the world a reason to purchase more weaponry.  The reasons are Russia and China. Lets hope that some accident does not happen […]

The World – Frack On Baby, Deflation, Disappearing Jobs, Who Really Owns Your Money When Its In A Bank?

Max and Stacey discuss the illogical rise of global fracking. Fracking continues even though the people who live on the land do not want it. Fracking operations lose money, pollute ground water and cause earthqukes. The Max and Rick Ackerman discuss how consumers living in a cashless world only have money to spend if the […]