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Canada – Canada Needs To Get Out Of NATO

Who are the bad guys here?   NATO of course.  NATO is an army looking for a war. Canada needs to get out of NATO.

The World – More Trans Pacific Partnership Stuff

More information on the Trans Pacific Partnership.  Who benefits from the TPP? Corporations.  That’s it. Despite What Media Says, TPP Isn’t About Free Trade — It’s About Protecting Corporate Profits The news media and advocates of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement have repeatedly described opponents of the deal as “protectionist” or opposed to […]

Canada – How Not To Make Friends And Influence People

Black Lives Matter got attention, but did its Pride tactics hurt or help its cause? Black Lives Matter Toronto grabbed much of the media spotlight on the weekend by staging a 30-minute disruption of the Pride parade and issuing a set of demands to organizers, including barring police floats and booths from future events. While people continue […]

Thunder Bay - Monday Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday Monday

Too much celebration on Canada day weekend? Looks like some stuffed animals may have partied a little too much A rare photo opportunity. Two of the City of Thunder Bay’s iconic landmarks in one photo. abandoned shopping carts and traffic cones. I would not be surprised if the other two city icons, cigarette butts and […]