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The World – 26 Million Americans Are Now “Too Poor To Shop”

This is Canada’s biggest trading partner?  The US market is the largest in the world? One thing to understand is as the percentage of the population that is considered poor goes up, so does crime and violent behaviour. When people no longer have hope….no longer have anything to lose….bad things will happen.  Really bad… 26 […]

The World – US Civil War Has Begun

The new American civil war has begun. The question now ids whether this will give US President Obama a good enough reason to impose martial law and cancel the upcoming election?   Will Obama become president -for- life? 4 Shot, 1 Killed After Black Gunman Fires At Passing Cars On Tennessee Highway, Targeting Police, Whites The […]

Canada – The Argument Against More Globalization

The argument against globalization in 12 words. …more globalization is useless unless it creates more and better Canadian jobs….. –  CBC read full article here The problem is that our government knows that creating more and better Canadian jobs  is impossible.  Companies will always move jobs offshore where labour costs are lower and environmental laws are all […]

The World – Piecing Together Witness Accounts Of The Dallas Attack

For those of you that are interested in the mass shooting in Dallas, The Intercept has a good article where they try and piece together all the witness accounts.  Worth a look. Piecing Together Witness Accounts of the Dallas Attack

The World – Is The Global Financial Collapse Near?

Is Duetche Bank today’s Lehman Brothers?   Is that bank about to fail, triggering a global financial meltdown? Will the Italian banks be the trigger? Stacy and Max take a look.   FYI..How much is a trillion? PS – Canada sold off all of its gold.  We have none.  Just saying.

Thunder Bay – Form Over Function?

Art gallery designers chosen The Thunder Bay Art Gallery has its new architects. Vancouver-based Patkau and Brook McIlroy Architects will be chosen to come up with a design for a new art gallery at Thunder Bay’s marina. The gallery is planning on moving from its location near Confederation College to a spot at Prince Arthur’s […]