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The World – Building A $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier That Has Trouble Launching Aircraft

It looks like the Canadian government may get a chance to buy a new aircraft carrier at a substantial discount…It will match up well with the submarines we bought from the UK. Sure, the carrier has a few issues such as an inability to launch and recover aircraft, a faulty radar system and substandard performing […]

Canada – Canadian Fukushima?

Canadian version of Fukushima possible? What is happening with the Fukushima nuclear disaster?   It just keeps dumping nuclear contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. This will continue to happen for….well, nobody knows how long. There is no known method of cleaning up the site.   None.  The equipment does not exist.   We are talking about a […]

The World – Plagiarism in Political Speeches Is Not Uncommon

Since accusations of plagiarism by the wife of Donald Trump was in the news this passed week, James Corbett has produced a short video showing various politicians ripping off sections of political speeches made by others. Some familiar faces there.

The World – A Summary Of How Clinton Stole The Democratic Presidential Nomination

This process of election fraud is coming to a country near you soon.  Once paper ballots are removed from the system, democracy is over. previous related post here

The World – Who Owns The US Government?

What influence does Wall Street have on the US government?  Max and his guest Nomi Prins discuss the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington. In the second half, Max talks about  Big Oil, fracking and its hold on government policy.