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Thunder Bay - A Park With No View

Thunder Bay – A Park With No View

Thunder Bay’s waterfront. The shores of lake Superior. Spectacular views.  That’s what is promoted by our city’s tourism department. Prince Arthur’s Landing has a recreation trail that runs along the lakeshore.  The problem is that there is a large section of that trail where lake views are being obscured by vegetation. If you walk along […]

Canada – Black Lives Matter Should Focus On Schools

This opinion piece from the July 18 Toronto Star Black Lives Matter should focus on schools Toronto’s schools are divided along racial lines in a manner that rivals segregation in the United States When Black Lives Matter Toronto launched its now infamous protest against the city’s Pride parade, many questioned whether it was the best […]

Thunder Bay – Engineers? I Believe We Have Some Of Those

Golf Links intersection reclaims infamous title as city’s worst The corner of Golf Links Road and the Harbour Expressway is again the worst for reported collisions. The Thunder Bay Police Service released its second-quarter traffic statistics Friday, showing that the Golf Links intersection had reportedly hosted nine collisions. The corner of Central and Memorial Avenue […]

Thunder Bay - There Is A Better Way

Thunder Bay – There Is A Better Way

Scene: Road construction in a residential neighbourhood. Early morning. Many windows open because of the warm temperature. Look, I have posted about this time and time and time again.  There is a better way.  Really.  All that needs to be done is that our high salaried residents of City Hall must put dust suppression standards […]