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The World – More Examples Of Just Much Corporations Love Money And How Little They Care About Us

An FYI video from The Ring Of Fire Network. (website here) Tens of Thousands of Women Injured by Defective Essure “Permanent” Birth Control Internal C8 Poison Documents Show DuPont’s Contempt For Human Life Of course, nobody fro either corporation will go to jail.  The TTP and CETA will make this situation worse.

The World – Johnson And Johnson Baby Powder Linked to Ovarian Cancer

Another example of just how little  corporations care about the people that purchase/use their products and how much they care about making money. If you have ovaries, this video will be of interest to you.  Another major news story ignored by the mainstream media.  Why? Money, of course.  Its always about the money. Who has […]

The World – RoundUp Poisoning Great Lakes

Another example of how our growing dependency on Monsanto and its ilk are poisoning our environment. The mainstream media and governments around the world are continually pointing at climate change as being the greatest threat to life on earth. However, we need water, air and food to live for more than a few days.  By […]