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Thunder Bay – I Can See Clearly Now That The Funding Has Gone

In today’ s Chronicle Journal ,  Thunder Bay’s mayor has voiced some confusion over Event Centre funding….or the lack of it.  (see previous post here) Our Mayor Gollum is confused by the Federal Government’s rejection of the City of Thunder Bay’s request for funding for its $120 million hockey rink.  Following are quotes from the […]

World – War Is Closer Than You Know.

How close is the world to a nuclear holocaust?  Very, very, very close and nobody is talking about it. I am afraid that the first time Canadians and Americans learn about the impending war is after it has already begun. There will be no warning.  It will just happen. Then it will be too late. […]

Thunder Bay - The Medium's The Message

Thunder Bay – The Medium’s The Message

You ever been in a situation where needed a pen and did not have one? Pretty frustrating. Well, apparently this situation also pops up once and a while in out urban core street urchin community. When you are a street urchin in Thunder Bay, you must learn to be resourceful. Use the materials around you.  […]