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Thunder Bay - Strollers On Buses

Thunder Bay – Strollers On Buses

Not enough space for wheelchairs on buses, people with disabilities say Advocates say transit should dispatch extra vehicles to pick up those left behind Some people with disabilities in Thunder Bay, Ont. say there’s not enough room for wheelchairs and scooters on Thunder Bay buses, and some people are being left behind in extreme heat and […]

Canada – Your Government In Action

Your tax dollars at work. If a government wants to remove some of your rights and freedoms for your own protection, then that government needs to have something to protect you against. If that something does not exist, then the government must create that something. How many of the so-called terror incidents in Canada have […]

Canada – The Real Cost Of The ORPP

Ontario Pc have an article on their website about the ORPP and the cost of that cancelled program to the provincial taxpayer. Think eHealth, think gas plant cancellation,now this….The PCs and the NDP  must take a serious look at themselves because a political party such as the Ontario Liberals can burn tens of millions of […]

The World – More Proof Sanders Actually Won The Democratic Primary

The US election process is rigged. Oh yeah!  Does anyone in the US care?  Nope. The Us is one of the most corrupt country in the world.   Near the top.  Democracy?  Maybe it was at one time,  but not any longer.