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Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Strange. Not sure what the sidewalk is avoiding here. Whatever it is should not be there.  As I said before, utilities and other underground infrastructure installation use the same plans as the contractor….or should be. The location of the sidewalk would be shown on that plan…or should be. Lots of anchor wires here. Another obstacle […]

The World – Helicopter Money Begins To Fall In Finland

The last bullet in the government’s fight to avoid total economic collapse is helicopter money.  Finland takes the first baby step in that direction. Finland Unleashes Helicopter Money In “Greatest Societal Transformation Of Our Time” Finland is about to launch an experiment in which a randomly selected group of 2,000–3,000 citizens already on unemployment benefits […]

Thunder Bay – Something Hypocritical This Way Comes

Council denies rowing club relief for $9,600 in tax arrears The Thunder Bay Rowing Club is going to have to pay its taxes. City council avoided setting a precedent on Monday by voting to support its administration and against providing the rowing club relief on $9,600 in tax arrears. “We open that door and we’re […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday/Monday

Thunder Bay – Sunday/Monday

Still hanging around the hospital. I am assuming that there is no change in the status of the much hyped and much delayed Marriott/Delta Waterfront Hotel. August is almost over. Let see what September has in store. As you can see, the sidewalk along Golf Links Road follows the horizontal alignment of the road …except here. […]

Thunder Bay  - Minimalist Website? Hmmmmm...

Thunder Bay – Minimalist Website? Hmmmmm…

Something interesting with the Manshield Construction website.  Interesting.   It has gone minimalist. I am sure there is a logical explanation for this. Maybe its being revamped? (if you want to see what the website used to look like, click here) Why do I care?  Don’t know but the company and several of its owners […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

You can see at least two cigarette butts in the photo sooooo? ..or what?  Nothing.  Another unenforceable regulation. I have had to stand outside bus shelters on many occasions because smokers ignore the sign. There are a surprising number of catchbasins that look like this all over the city.  I wonder why? Where is the […]

Thunder Bay – $120 million Hockey Rink Petition

A petition on  is requesting that the high salaried residents of City Hall give the citizens of Thunder Bay a say in the never-ending saga of the $120 million hockey rink. The problem I have with a plebiscite is that I do not trust City Hall and its contractor friends to play fair.  Plebiscite […]

Thunder Bay - Legacy Quest

Thunder Bay – Legacy Quest

The further adventures of Kosco Keith Some excerpts from a Chronicle Journal article on the opening of the new Lowe’s Store at Intercity Mall. The part of the article that interests me is the mayor’s comments on Costco’s much hyped and much delayed arrival in Thunder Bay.  The mayor’s second favourite topic. ….Hobbs says the […]

Thunder Bay - Companies That Live In Glass Houses Should Not Litter

Thunder Bay – Companies That Live In Glass Houses Should Not Litter

Thunder Bay’s 3 worst habits Thunder Bay has some bad habits. Every municipality does but over time some stand out. Here are Thunder Bay’s three worst habits: 1. Litter. It is plainly ugly and truly amazing that decades after litter became a four-letter word in countless Canadian and international campaigns to stop it, a large […]