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Thunder Bay – Art Gallery Business Plan Does Not Matter

The proponents of the new $33 million PLUS waterfront art gallery will be bombarding the public via the local media with all the financial benefits that this piece of infrastructure will bring to the City of Thunder Bay. Yes, there will be tens of millions of dollars spent on construction. That has nothing to do […]

Canada – Trudeau Gives Two Thumbs Up to Trans Mountain Pipeline and Enbridge’s Replacement of Line 3

For Trudeau and Trans Mountain, it’s all over but the shouting The act of approving a pipeline is relatively simple: the federal cabinet makes a decision, an official memorandum is sent over to Rideau Hall and the governor general signs it. It’s merely everything else about the extraction and transportation of oil in the 21st century that’s complicated and burdened by […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Update on this electrical cord that I featured in a previous post The cord comes out of the pole and runs down to the ground. I thought it was buried in the ground but nooo… What I found out today is that the cord goes nowhere.  The plug end is just hanging at ground level. […]

The World – Johnson and Johnson Ordered To Pay $72 Million In Baby Powder Lawsuit

I mentioned this before.  Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder and Shower To Shower products, containing talc, have been linked to ovarian cancer…and Johnson and Johnson have known that for years. They kept selling the stuff. Who hasn’t used the baby powder at one time or another? Its baby powder. Anyway, Mike Papantonio fills us in on […]

The World – Media War Has begun

The media war has begun…The corporate media is flexing its cash fuelled muscles. Online censorship is starting.  Which side are you on?

The World – Weather Is Not Climate

Weather is not climate, therefore extreme weather events have nothing to do with climate change. This is something scientists agree on. Sooo, the fact that the City of Thunder Bay was a victim of major storm events over the passed several years, has nothing to do with climate change. Nothing,  Nada,  Zip, Zero, Zilch. Science […]

Thunder Bay – City’s Secret Sign Approval Contradicts Its Own Bylaw

City’s secret sign approval contradicts its own bylaw Did you know that Thunder Bay’s sign by-law forbids the installation of signs on municipal property? If so, then by what authority is that bright, electronic billboard facing High Street on Port Arthur Stadium property? If there’s a mystery to that it’s because the sign was approved […]