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The World – Anger At Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’, But Not For Obama’s Similar Moves

There are 1.6 billion Muslims around the world. Muslims are the majority in 49 countries around the world. Trump has issued a 90 day ban of people entering the US from seven countries. Seven countries identified by the Obama Administration. Where were the protest when the US was busy creating 11 million Syrian refugees?  You […]

The World – The F-35 Too Big To Fail? Maybe Not

The F-35 and the Military Industrial Complex.   Justin Trudeau is learning all about this system of economic blackmail the hard way. A plane that is too expensive, behind schedule and is plagued with design problems is a bad investment for the taxpyers of Canada and the rest of the world.  Yet, jobs trump everything….even […]

The World – The Phoenix Program

The Trump Administration is talking about resurrecting the CIA run operation called the Phoenix Program. Its purpose will be to hunt down  and kill the funders of terrorism. The money people. What is the history of this program?  Is the program operational right now?  Why should we care?  Should the world worry? You will be […]

Thunder Bay - Needs More Fibre In His Diet

Thunder Bay – Needs More Fibre In His Diet

I see this guy regularly.  What does it look like to me? Looks like this.  The fact that he has been doing this for a hell of a long time makes me beieve that he needs to eat more fibre.

The World – The Real Syrian Story No One Wants You To Know

The US is responsible for every Syrian refugee.  All of them.

Thunder Bay - Saturday, Sunday

Thunder Bay – Saturday, Sunday

Why do I take photos of the waterfront every day?  Why do I take photos of the same place every day?  Because I think the waterfront is the most beautiful in the winter. Every day, the view changes. The snow patterns on the ice change. The clouds change.  Its quiet. Day before Sunday Winter Funday […]

Thunder Bay – Council Underestimates Cost To Run City

Council underestimates cost to run the city The truth is to be found in the Long Term Financial Overview released Monday. It shows that council has repeatedly underestimated what it costs to run the municipality in order to create a phony, low-balled tax levy to sucker folks at budget time when they’re paying the most […]

The World – Trump Muslim Ban Made Possible By Obama Admin & Media Won’t Tell You

The west bombed the shit of the countries, and that was OK with everyone. Ban the people from those countries from entering the US and everyone  goes crazy? Killing them is OK but keeping them out of the US, that is wrong? This Muslim ban leads right back to Barack Obama’s Administration in 2015/16. Funny, nobody […]

The World – Obama And The Merchants Of Death

War is the US economy. That is why there will never be peace on earth. The US does not want peace on earth. They want an endless succession of wars.  Dozens of countries blowing the living shit out of each other, all using weapons sold to them by the US. The US is the most […]

Canada – Montreal To Install Heated Sidewalks To Thaw Ste. Catherine Street.

Montreal to install heated sidewalks to thaw Ste-Catherine Street “(Heated sidewalks) will accentuate the commercial attraction of the city in the winter by allowing pedestrians and shoppers to walk on sidewalks that are clear most of the time,” said a city spokesperson. A bout of freezing rain that recently swept across Eastern Canada had some […]