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Thunder Bay – Thursday

McVicar Creek has opened up Dual pole installation . Covered in previous posts. Its now open. If you want barbeque….. Looks like more streetlights are getting replaced by LED Lots of trash waiting for our taxpayer funded workers to pick it up.  It will be replaced by more. The circle is unbroken. Hand sanitizer. People […]

The World – The Colour Purple

Is George Soros Behind This Plot To Topple Trump? The Establishment is setting up Donald Trump. The mainstream media hates him. Hollywood hates him. The “Intellectual Yet Idiot” academia class hates him. Most critically, the CIA hates him. So does the rest of the Deep State, or the permanently entrenched “national security” bureaucracy. They did […]

Thunder Bay – Where Is The Mayor?

Comment from Taxesupagain to Chronicle Journal Article: Council won’t appeal tax reassessments; City must refund $2.1 million to business property owners The article was about the City of Thunder Bay having to repay $2.1 million in property taxes to several Thunder Bay businesses, Naturally, City Council is upset with  and their assessment appeals process.   Then there […]

Thunder Bay - Monday, Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Monday, Tuesday

Monday Orange tarps are being removed on the floor of the much delayed and much hyped Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel What does that mean?  I guess we will see. The tarps have been on there for years Loading up some rebar. It will be moved into the hotel basement for??? One is the loneliest […]

The World – The Battle For Mosul Continues

The battle for Mosul, Iraq continues. Humanitarian catastrophe. I don’t here Trudeau condemning the US led coalition attacks. If this large number of civilian casualties were being caused by Syrian government forces and its Russian allies, you can bet that NATO countries and their mainstream media puppets would be screaming blue murder. Funny how that […]

Thunder Bay – City Needs To Learn to Live With Less

City protests $2 million bill for commercial tax refunds Commercial property assessment appeals are adding $2.1 million to a $13.8-million industrial tax payback over the last decade. The commercial sector’s property assessment appeals come on the heels of industrial reassessment that saw Thunder Bay’s Resolute Mill’s value reduced from $75 million in 2008 to $35 […]

Thunder Bay - South Court Street Tree Cutting

Thunder Bay – South Court Street Tree Cutting

I noticed this scene on south Court Street between Cornwall Street and John Street.  I knew it wasn’t a city work crew because it was 11;40 am and there were still workers on site.  City workers would have left for lunch a while ago. They are cutting the branches off a bunch of trees.  Looks […]

Thunder Bay – Council Pay

Committee to assess city council pay A committee will be struck to decide whether the city’s mayor and council should receive increases in remuneration. A seven-member committee including two representatives of both the labour and business communities as well as civilian members will be tasked with making recommendations, which will apply to the council that will be […]

The World – The Unauthorized Biography Of David Rockefeller

If you want a peek into the world of the global elites than this James Corbett video is worth a look.  Its very detailed. It shows you exactly who really controls the world. Money is power and the Rockefellers are one of the most powerful families on earth.