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Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Walking up towards Studio One Dance on a Sunday morning Notice all the empty parking spaces on the next block on both sides of the street yet there are still cars illegally parked in front of the dance business these two cars are parked too close to the intersection. I’ve explained the danger that this behaviour […]

The World – Item Cubes

…and we consumers flock to these “item cubes” to buy cheap crap…..hurrah! Slaves..of course most of the things we buy today are made by slaves.   Yes, I will use that word. They are slaves. How is that working out for us?

Canada – The Vote Buying With Your Own Money Begins

And so the vote buying with our own money begins. Must be an election coming up. Is the drug program a good thing? Yes, definitely. Is putting more money into our healthcare system a good thing? Hard to say. I believe the healthcare system is a bloated bureaucracy and needs a complete overhaul…but that is […]