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The World – Antarctica Is Cooling..Not Warming. So?

A study titled Recent regional climate cooling on the Antarctic Peninsula and associated impacts on the cryosphere published last February in the  Science of the Total Environment shows that Antarctica has been cooling since 1999. This is the trouble with scientific studies, statistic and so-called facts.  Who is right?  I bet, if pushed really hard, scientists could […]

Thunder Bay – The Move To Secrecy

The Information and Privacy Commissioner says more people accessing freedom of information, but municipal governments can shut the door on the public. “I think if the circumstances where councils can go into closed meetings are increased, there will be councils that take advantage of that,” Beamish said. “My concern on that is twofold. One is […]

Thunder Bay - Dart Board Estimating

Thunder Bay – Dart Board Estimating

Northwood sewer contracts come in $1M over budget Part of a planned sewer improvement project in Northwood might be put on hold after estimates for the work came in about $1 million over budget. The city had budgeted about $1.6 million towards the three components of the upgrades but the lowest tender the city received […]