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The World – Saudi Arabia, Wahabism and Women

The ugly side of the wahabism..the strict branch of Islam that insist on a literal interpretation of Islam. Saudi Arabia. This strict literal interpretation of Islam needs to stay out of Canada.  Canadian women need to be angry. recent related post here, here, here, here, here

Canada – Inside Bombardier’s Delayed Streetcar Delivery

Pretty informative article…pretty comprehensive INSIDE BOMBARDIER’S DELAYED STREETCAR DELIVERIES Toronto was supposed to have 121 new streetcars by now. We have received only 35. That’s the crux of the problem with the state of the TTC’s $1-billion contract with Bombardier for 204 low-floor Flexity streetcars to be delivered by 2019. Almost eight years into the […]

The World – Reporter Exposes Media Lies About Syria

Jimmy Dore speaks with Canadian intendant journalist Eva Bartlett on Syria.  She was there.  She speaks about what is really going on there. The Revolutionary Distemper in Syria That Wasn’t – Stephan Gowans – Stephan Gowans goes back and tells us how this whole Syrian “civil war” began, who was involved, who supported the “rebels”. previous related […]

The World - The UK, US And Nazi Germany

The World – The UK, US And Nazi Germany

As NATO spreads eastward, the two maps are becoming more and more alike. I am sure that when Russia looks at NATO, it brings back ugly memories of the Nazi Germany invasion during World War 2.   THE DEEP HISTORY OF US, BRITAIN’S NEVER-ENDING COLD WAR ON RUSSIA As American author David Talbot documented in his book, The […]