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Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

You can see how far into the grass the sidewalk snowplow intrudes.  Why not make the sidewalk that much wider? Now what got into this trash can? Birds? Raccoons? Street urchins? The garbage truck had not even had the opportunity to empty the can yet. Obligatory shopping cart photo. Newspaper litter is common in the […]

Thunder Bay – Yard Waste Or E-Waste…Which Is the Biggest Environmental Threat?

Annual e-waste and tire collection provides a free and easy way to recycle electronic goods and tires. Anyone with unwanted electronic devices sitting at home or old tires out in the yard once again had an opportunity to dispose of these potentially hazardous materials properly. On Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., EcoSuperior Environmental […]

Canada – Just A Quick Reminder Of Who Is Really In Charge…And They Are Not Elected

Yes, its about the US Federal Reserve. The bank of Canada more often or not follows the Fed’s fiscal policies.  Sooo when the Fed sneezes, the Bank of Canada catches cold. JUST A QUICK REMINDER OF WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE Today the world of banking and finance waited with baited breath for the Federal […]