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Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Close enough for government work.  In Thunder Bay, the only thing that matters when it comes to constructions signs is that they are some sort of geometric shape with letters written on them. The condition of the sign, the material its made of and where the sign is located? Now we are just nitpicking. caboose […]

Canada – Electricity Prices To Soar After Four Years…SURPRISE!

Electricity prices to soar after four years, says secret Liberal cabinet document The average hydro bill will jump almost $10 a month in 2022 and soar to $195 by 2027 under the Liberal government’s hydro plan, according to a leaked cabinet document obtained by the Progressive Conservatives. It was provided to the Star as Energy […]

The World – Vaccine Study Retracted

Updated: Vaccine-autism study retracted — again For the second time, a journal has quickly retracted a study that suggested vaccines raise the risk of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The study first raised a furor last year, prompting a Frontiers journal to quickly retract it. After it was republished in the Journal of Translational Science this month, […]

Thunder Bay – Urban Farm Feud

Community garden has opponents; Neighbours feud over project at Victoria Park “I certainly appreciate residents’ concern. This is a pretty large initiative . . . and we are excited to be on the cutting edge of it,” said Ian MacRae, director of education for Lakehead Public Schools. “We will do everything we can, along with […]