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Thunder Bay - Pelicans

Thunder Bay – Pelicans

I have seen these birds two days in a row. This time they were a little closer and I was lucky enough to have my camera ready. Best I can do with what I have….so far. Amazing birds to watch.  I was told that there might be a chance to photograph some owls down along […]

The World – Global Ransomware Attacks 74 Nations – Used NSA Hacking Tools “At A Scale Never Seen Before”

Ahhh…The US National Security Agency. Some of their cyber-hacking software has made it out into the wild and this is what you now have.  Global chaos. The United States of America, the most dangerous country on earth. We earlier reported in the disturbing fact that hospitals across the United Kingdom had gone dark due to […]

Canada - Ontario's Healthcare System Is Going To Blow Soon

Canada – Ontario’s Healthcare System Is Going To Blow Soon

This chart shows the problem with the US healthcare system. Administrator numbers has ballooned to an obscene level while physician numbers have grown very little. I wonder how things are here in Ontario?  Administration (that includes government) is sucking a huge amount of money out of the system as well. Maybe not as bad as […]