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Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Work continues on the DSSAB housing development at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Streets. I wonder how much dust the contractor will force the neighbouring residents to eat before he/she does something about it?  My guess?  Its a lot of dust.  Lots and lots of dust. Could be a dusty summer for the surrounding […]

Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Builder Fined For Illegal Building

Interesting..this is the company building the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel.  Illegal building…..hmmmm Thunder Bay Builder Fined for Illegal Building Bur-Met Northern Ltd., a registered builder in Thunder Bay, Ontario, has been fined $22,500 in Thunder Bay Provincial Court for illegal building. Bur-Met Northern pled guilty on March 17, 2017, […]

Thunder Bay - Community Pride In Action

Thunder Bay – Community Pride In Action

Noticed this on Monday morning. The Chronicle Journal cleaned their parking lot over the weekend. Naturally, a not insignificant amount of that sand was brushed from that private parking lot onto the public sidewalk. What makes this practice worse, and yes it gets worse, is that the sidewalk has already been “cleaned”.  Winter sand removed. […]

The World – More Ransomware Demands. Target: Disney

Watch governments use these attacks to go after BitCoin.  World governments are concerned that crypto-currencies are out of the reach of their greedy little fingers. World governments are concerned that crypto-currencies offer the great unwashed complete purchasing anonymity.  Bankers are also upset when they don’t get a piece of the financial action. The argument governments […]

The World – Requiem For The Suicided: Dr. David Kelly

The latest Requiem for the Suicided from the Corbett Report. This episode is about Dr. David Kelly. show notes here

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

One of those extension cables that people string across sidewalks to their on-street parked car all winter, is still there.  Why do people who do this not have to remove them once they are not required any longer? This is now a permanent thing? Caboose and future walkway Thing in ditch of new parking lot being […]