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The World – Seth Rich Story Changes Again

An update by Stefan Molyneaux on the Seth Rich story. Apparently the private investigator has now changed his tune.  Stephan addresses this.  Me?  I still believe that Seth Rich is the source of the leaked DNC emails.  Maybe one day. Julian Assange will tell us who it was.

Thunder Bay - Brown Headed Cowbird?

Thunder Bay – Brown Headed Cowbird?

Took a photo of a bird sitting on top of a lightpole on the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) rec trail. I thought it was a crow. Why? Well, the bright sky was behind the bird, so it was a silhouette. It was pretty dark. Lots of crows down there so, why not a crow? […]

The World – Seth Rich Was The Source Of The DNC Emails Leaked To WikiLeaks

Recently, Fox News released a story about a direct connection between WikiLeaks and the murdered Democratic National Committee IT employee Seth Rich. Seth Rich was the source of the DNC emails released by WikiLeaks last year. The Emails that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party blame for her loss to Donald Trump during the last […]