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Thunder Bay - More Great Blue Heron Photos

Thunder Bay – More Great Blue Heron Photos

More Great Blue Heron photos. The bird walks in the shallow water verrrrry slowly.  Pausing many times to look around.  Amazing bird.

The World – Northern Lights Might Be Impressive July 2

Coronal Mass Ejection is headed for Earth. Should arrive around July 2.  It is not a civilization ending event as far as I can tell but the Northern Lights should be intense. If the sky is clear, that is….. Power outages?  Might be a few.

Thunder Bay – Pool 6 Site Not Best Marina Park Site For Alexander Henry

Authorities, please, give Henry her berth The Alexander Henry arrived back home Tuesday but the welcome was underwhelming. A couple of working tugs, a few pleasure boats, no fanfare, no dignitaries. Not an auspicious start to what still promises to be a highly visible and popular addition to Thunder Bay’s waterfront. But when? This historic […]

Thunder Bay – One Park To Rule Them All

Permanent swimming advisories to be posted at three beaches Health unit posts advisory of history of higher than recommended E. coli levels at Boulevard Lake, main Chippewa beach and Sandy Beach. Three city beaches will now have permanent signs warning for potential risk of bacterial infections. The Thunder Bay District Health Unit on Wednesday announced […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Caboose nears completionI would think that watering the sod would be part of the contract.   More on that hyro-mulching or hydro-seeding. I wonder what will be left after the rain Looks like this is the new connection from Sleeping Giant Parkway to the road to Pool 6 property.  Why was it not paved?  Its […]

Thunder Bay - Great Blue Heron

Thunder Bay – Great Blue Heron

Thunder Bay - Killdeer

Thunder Bay – Killdeer

Canada – Worldwide Internet Censorship Is OK With Supreme Court Of Canada

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that government internet censorship is OK.  China and North Korea have been leaders in the field of internet censorship. Turns out they are ahead of their time. Sooo, if a country like Turkey wants Google to delete everything to do with the Armenian genocide from every Google server […]

Thunder Bay - Some Monday Stuff

Thunder Bay – Some Monday Stuff

Painted Lady butterfly Construction continues on the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel. Looks like the owner of this St. Paul Street building is restoring a portion of it. The Evening Chronicle is mentioned in previous post here.  Its the predecessor of the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal and the Port Arthur […]

Thunder Bay - More Tuesday

Thunder Bay – More Tuesday

Hydro-mulching or hydro-seeding down at the new parking lot being constructed at the south end of Marina Park.  Looks like they went with the cheap hydro-mulching package. The ground should look green with no dirt showing through. Not sure what is going on here.  Maybe more hydro-mulching?  It would be nice if the contractor removed […]