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The World – Religion Is Not A Person. Its An Idea.

Is an idea or a belief beyond criticism? Are people unable to criticize a religions?  Challenge its beliefs? Is criticism of Islam abuse?  Why is Islam being treated differently than any other religion when it comes to discussion? Religion is not a person.  Religion is an idea.  Religion is a belief.  Ideas and beliefs can […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Quiet hot Sunday, just wandering around Bay and Algoma Buskerfest was still going on.. Still no return of John Deer or Jane Doe or whatever the name of the damaged sculpture is.  I did not see it anywhere.

Thunder Bay - The High Street Wall..So Far

Thunder Bay – The High Street Wall..So Far

With all the noise I have been hearing coming from the construction site, I would have thought that the work would have progressed much farther than it has..but then it was going to take five months to complete.  Its not even half way yet. I am sure the residents living within two blocks of the […]

The World – The Truth About The Awan Family Democrat IT Scandal

Stefan Molyneux takes a close look at what will be the biggest scandal to ever hit the US government.  The giant scandal that is being completely ignored by the mainstream media.  You have to wonder why. Was there blackmail?  What information did the Awan’s steal?  What did they do with it? Will we ever know? […]

Thunder Bay - Merganser, Goldfinch, Bee

Thunder Bay – Merganser, Goldfinch, Bee

Friday wildlife.. Common Merganser…big familyAmerican Goldfinch

The World – Open Mosques. Great Idea.

Hmmm…an Open Mosque. Open to everyone. Men and women together, LGBT..everyone. So naturally the woman who wants to open one of these liberal mosques in the capital city of every country in Europe has received death threats from the Muslim community.  Many Muslim leaders don’t agree with it.  And so it goes with the religion […]

Ontario – MNR Aerial Spraying Starts August…Herbicide Contains Glyphosate

Berry pickers raise alarm over herbicide spraying Aroland First Nation says blueberries being harmed by MNR’s aerial herbicide spraying program A First Nation that harvests blueberries to eat and sell say the Ministry of Natural Resources’ herbicide spraying program is bad for business. The economic development officer for Aroland First Nation said community members harvest […]