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Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Court Street paving operation seems to have come to a halt. It appears that there is no hurry to finish the construction and get the street fully open to the public.  Could have been finished this week but…. What’s the problem?  Why is the City of Thunder Bay and the contractor dragging their collective asses […]

Thunder Bay - Mariner's Hall...Who Owns It?

Thunder Bay – Mariner’s Hall…Who Owns It?

Seen these signs on the doors to the Mariner’s Hall in the Water Garden Pavilion a lot this week. The problem is… …that there never seems to be anything going on inside the taxpayer owned facility.  Soooo…who actually owns this?  The City of Thunder Bay and its taxpayers or the waterfront restaurant? Supposedly, the hall […]

Thunder Bay - Antonov AN-124 Arrives

Thunder Bay – Antonov AN-124 Arrives

I was walking along when I noticed this thing coming in for a landing at the airport.  Its a pretty crappy photo but it was far away.  Its a very big plane. I think its an Antonov An-124 Found this on Youtube. I wish people who use their phones to record video would hold them […]

Thunder Bay - City,  Matawa First Nations Unveil Proposal For New High School Facility

Thunder Bay – City, Matawa First Nations Unveil Proposal For New High School Facility

City, Matawa unveil proposal for new high school facility Students from nine Matawa First Nations communities could have a new opportunity for high school education in Thunder Bay through the unprecedented acquisition of a former long-term care home. At next Monday’s meeting, Thunder Bay city council will consider signing a letter of intent to grant the former Grandview Lodge […]

Thunder Bay - Monday and Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Monday and Tuesday

Monday The sun on the morning of the elcipseCourt Street which appears to be open and closed at the same time.  Yup..I’m in Thunder Bay. Another dead dragonflyThis cycling asshole forced me to move out of his way.  He refused to go around me. I had to move out of his way because cyclists own […]

Ontario – Bombardier Shipped Unfinished Streetcars To Toronto And Finished Them There

Bombardier shipped unfinished streetcars to Toronto and then finished them here in order to meet delivery targets The TTC agreed to let Bombardier ship unfinished streetcars to Toronto and complete them on the transit agency’s property in order to successfully meet 2016 delivery targets, the Star has learned. The Quebec-based rail manufacturer has famously struggled […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

I have mentioned this man before. He walks around the north downtown area picking up trash. An unsung Thunder Bay hero.He does not pick up the trash around the Chronicle Journal building though…. LCBO bag inside the CJ’s fence. Interesting.New sidewalk along south driveway entrance to waterfront condos. The corners are where the cracks will […]

The World – The State of Israel and White Supremacists Have More In Common Than You Think

This from the Majority Report with Sam Seder.  How bad are things in Israel for the Palestinians?  The White Supremacist leader,  Richard Spencer goes on Israeli television and favourably compares his movement with the Zionist movement in Israel today…and, as Majority Report host Sam Serder sadly points out, that comparison is a valid one. Today’s […]

Thunder Bay - Eclipse

Thunder Bay – Eclipse

My attempt at a photo of today’s eclipse.  I did not have the proper equipment but I gave it a shot. Lens flares and stuff make the shot interesting.

Thunder Bay – The Pussification Of Canada’s Future Continues

Sigh….How did I make it passed 10 years of age?  I should have died 50 years ago.  Apparently, parents back then did not give a damn about their children’s health or safety.  Stay inside during an eclipse? Parents back then would MAKE their kids go outside during an eclipse. Maybe children should not go outside…EVER! […]