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Thunder Bay – Enrolment Down At DFC This Year? Wait Until Next Year.

Enrolment down at DFC high school Enrolment at Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School is down almost 50 per cent this year. During the city’s annual report on the seven youth inquest on Monday, Thunder Bay city council heard about the school’s declining number of students from Northern Nishnawbe Education Council executive director Norma Kejick. She […]

The World – Agent Provocateur

Soooo, are we being played here? Have the police infiltrated the left and the right? Is the mainstream media knowing help fire up racial unrest in the US? Is it happening here in Canada? Divide and conquer. Keeping the masses fighting amongst themselves stops them from uniting against the corporatocracy. It is a tactic that […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Shopping cart Somewhere out there is a smoker who is crying Shopping cart…lots of them today.  Many carts around the city are becoming permanent features in the neighbourhood The intersection of Bay and Court Streets.  Line painting at the intersection still needs to be finished.  Some other things still need to be installed, whatever they […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

You know its going to be a good day when you see one of these first thing.Sidewalk bike rider. He was talking on his phone as well.This crosswalk button does not work. There is nothing more frustrating for pedestrians than croswwalk buttons that don’t work.  You end up crossing when the signal say you can’t […]

Thunder Bay - Suspicious Package North Downtown Core

Thunder Bay – Suspicious Package North Downtown Core

Police has the section of Court Street between Red River Road and Van Norman Street as well as Cooke Street between Court Street and St. Paul Street blocked off due to a suspicious package being reported in the area.

Thunder Bay – City To Grant Grandview Manner For Construction Of “School With Accommodations”

City to grant Grandview to Matawa for new school On Monday city council unanimously agreed to sign a letter of intent to turn over the former Grandview Lodge to the Indigenous organization, with a plan to open the Student Education and Care Centre for First Nations Youth as soon as September 2018. Realty services manager […]

Thunder Bay – Greenhouses Are Not A New Thing

Greenhouse under construction at Roots to Harvest garden Roots to Harvest has partnered with Nishnawbe Aski Nation in the construction of a new greenhouse on Lillie Street. It’s adjacent to the vegetable garden that Roots to Harvest put in earlier this year on the grounds of the Lakehead District Public School Board’s Victoria Park adult […]

Thunder Bay - A Quiet Monday

Thunder Bay – A Quiet Monday

Great Blur Heron CCGS Alexander henry is still docked at the old iron ore dockCommon MerganserWaterfront construction still has a long way to go.  I suspect the object is to get the building closed up before the weather turns cold.Lots happening at the marina. The sailboat mentioned yesterday is still tied up to the fuel […]

Thunder Bay - Rainy Sunday

Thunder Bay – Rainy Sunday

As you can see, the system that the Chronicle Journal uses to dispose of recycling is not perfect.  When the bins’ contents are dumped into the truck, paper escapes. If there is any wind, that paper, which is now trash, ends up out on public streets or neighbouring properties. Of course, the company could have […]

The World – Yemen

Jimmy and crew discuss the war taking place in Yemen right now. The US and Saudi Arabia are bombing the country into the stone age. They are blockading Yemen to keep food and medical aid from getting there. Saudi Arabia is the country that buys a lot of Canadian made military hardware. Nobody in the […]