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Canada – Saudi Arabia Using Canadian Made Weapons On Its Own Civilians. Surprise!

Interesting…I wonder if the Canadian Government will actually stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia and its dominant faith of Wahhabism, a fundamental version of Islam, that interprets the Koran literally, fund ISIS and many other terrorist organizations around the world. (type “Saudi Arabia” into the search window for previous related posts) Saudi Arabia […]

Thunder Bay – City Admin Directed To Find $1.6 million In Reductions

City Administration directed to find $1.6 million in reductions Next year’s city budget is starting to take shape as administration tackles finding efficiencies while maintaining service levels to offset declining property assessments, though two councillors are not satisfied for opposing reasons. Council on Monday night approved the direction for the city’s budgets from 2018 to […]

Thunder Bay – CCGS Alexander Henry To Go To Pool 6 Site

Alexander Henry destined for Pool Six site The path has been cleared for the Alexander Henry to be docked at the location preferred by the proponents who led the charge for the decommissioned icebreaker to be brought back to Thunder Bay. City council on Monday night approved a resolution directing administration to come to a lease agreement […]