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Thunder Bay – Thursday

Not much happening today Hmm…interesting.  I wonder what this is all about?  CP Rail and Gridlink Rocks being installed along Sleeping Giant Parkway at south end of Marina Park. Yup…rocks…big rocks. That is exactly what’s needed on our waterfront…more rocks. lining a street… Power outage in north core….AGAIN! Emergency generator powering the pumping station hammering […]

Thunder Bay – On Vacation

I will be on vacation for a week.  I won’t be able to produce daily posts….but hey, its just one week. What could happen in one week?   How bad could it be?

Thunder Bay – Another Pedestrian Hit By Car…The War Continues.

Auto-pedestrian collision sends one woman to hospital A 38-year-old female pedestrian was sent to the hospital after being struck by a driver in a parking lot. An 86-year-old man was parking in the Metro Parking lot on River Street around 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon when he pinned a women, walking with two children, between two […]

Thunder Bay - Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday

Three days for the price of one…. Monday Damaged flower box. Why? Yes, you are in Thunder Bay… Its been hot and dry for quite awhile now. MV Kaministiquia loading at Richardson Grain Elevator Another catchbasin that is going to be excavated. As you can see, this pedestrian knows his role.  The sidewalk is for […]