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The World – School Board Removes “Lynch” From Name Of Three Schools Because It Was Deemed Offensive.

Just how far can things go before someone finally says…ENOUGH!   Don’t think this can happen in Canada?  Seriously?  Where have you been for the passed five years? School Board Removes “Lynch” From The Name Of Three Schools Because It Was Deemed Offensive Every time that the absurdity of political correctness reaches a new peak […]

Thunder Bay - Trip To Toronto 2017

Thunder Bay – Trip To Toronto 2017

The model of the MV Thunder Bay is now located on one of the baggage carousels in the Thunder Bay airport.  It used to be on display in the Mariner’s Hall (Water Garden Pavilion).  Now that Mariner’s Hall is used almost exclusively as a taxpayer maintained waterfront restaurant banquet facility, the model was in  the […]

Ontario - Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade

Ontario – Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade

Caught the end of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival parade.

Thunder Bay – Another Month, Another Murder….Ho-Hum…Yawn

McVicar Creek death found to be murder Thunder Bay Police have determined that the death of a teenager on the city waterfront this week was a homicide and they have set up a special tip line for information. Brayden Moonias, 18, was found dead Sunday morning near McVicar Creek in Marina Park. A post-mortem conducted […]

Canada – Bill S-3, Can We Afford It?

Can Canadians afford to pass Bill S-3?  Basically, Bill S-3 wants to give Indian status to all descendants of men and women who married non-Indians before 1951, going back to the 1800s. This would give millions more people status under the Indian Act.  And with Indian status comes benefits.  Who wouldn’t want those benefits? Who is going […]