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Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Just under two weeks to Remembrance Day and I found my first poppy on the ground. Water still being pumped out onto a public sidewalk with temps dropping below freezing every night?I know…but I think it looks coolNew Court Street with new bike lane…sooo naturally people still ride on the sidewalk.Why are we even bothering?  […]

Canada – Gold Bar Certified By Royal Canadian Mint Exposed As Fake

Gold Bar Certified By Royal Canadian Mint Exposed As Fake The last time there was a widespread physical gold counterfeiting scare was in the summer of 2012 when as we reported the discovery of a single 10 oz Tungsten-filled gold bar in Manhattan’s jewelry district led to a panic among the dealer community, which then resulted in local jewelry […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

As overnight temps dip below 0C, flowers are suffering. Some remnants from Saturday night Snow squals. The Marina Park light pole that fell over is now gone.Will this one be next?  Insects have been tunneling into its base for quite a while. A straggler. The MV Shoveller. MV Federal Hudson is still out thereThese guys […]

Thunder Bay - High Street Wall Update

Thunder Bay – High Street Wall Update

How is the fake rock wall coming along? Lets take a look.

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

More trash on Water Street adjacent to the Chronicle Journal property This is sticking out of the swale constructed along side the new parking lot located at the south end of Marina Park. What is it for?  Why is it not connected to something?The same with this.  Why is it not connected to something?  A […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday was that kind of morning.  The flower is trying its best.The Water Street fungus is still going strong. The trench that was excavated to accommodate a buried electric cable that runs to the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel’s valet parking lot’s entry gate has settlement issues.  Its what happens […]

The World – Bitcoin Versus Cryto-Currencies

An article by James Corbett about the crypto-currency/Bitcoin talk that are all the rage.  Is this the end of cash? The Bitcoin Psyop Explained 28 days ago corbettreport67 in bitcoin by James Corbett September 30, 2017Yes, the blockchain is truly revolutionary.Yes, bitcoin is Tulipmania 2.0.Yes, cryptocurrency is a nail in the coffin of the bankster parasites.Yes, […]

Thunder Bay – Paving In Near Freezing Temperatures…Why Not Try To Avoid It?

Contractors push to finish Thunder Bay road projects The City of Thunder Bay and construction companies are working to complete several road projects before winter forces a shutdown. Kayla Dixon, Director of Engineering and Operations for the city, says crews made good progress over the last couple of weeks on a number of projects including […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Miserable weather means not a lot of photos. I never could understand buying bottles and then leaving them laying around.  Cans are sooo much lighter to carry around.  At least the drinker put the cap back on the bottle after he/she was finished.Bendy tree fallen support stakes. or thisBendy trees planted along side of the […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

My clematis flowers are nearing the end of their life.  The high winds on Tuesday removed most leaves from trees around the city. The roof is being completed on the new DSSAB apartment building at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Streets. Water still pouring onto the sidewalk The gentleman tests to see if its […]