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Thunder Bay – Pedestrian Overpass Will Be Refurbished In 2020

Pedestrian bridge to Marina Park needs costly repairs Deterioration of the elevated crossover to Marina Park has led Thunder Bay’s waterfront development committee to consider the options for either fixing it or replacing it. Given the estimated $3 million replacement cost, at this point, it appears more likely that the pedestrian bridge over Water Street […]

Thunder Bay – Who’ll Tax The Rain?

New type of tax City hall staff are still quietly working on a plan to create a new type of tax on the land where your home and business sits. Believe it or not this new tax would cover the costs of getting rid of the rain that falls on your property. It would be […]

The World – The “Official” Story May Be The Only Story We Get To Hear

Google and Youtube are trying to control the information you receive by manipulating their search engines. Facebook is doing the same thing. Considering that more and more people are using these websites to get ALL their news, this is a very scary scenario. The truth may still be out there. Finding it may become impossible. […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Another example of a property pumping water out onto the sidewalk. With temps starting to drop below freezing, I hope this practice stops….soon. Looks like blood. A lot of blood.  Of course this is Thunder Bay… Why was this work not done BEFORE the concrete curbs were installed and the grass was planted? Seriously….why? Pointed […]