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The World – Its Influenza Vaccine Time Again

Its time for the influenza vaccine again…yes, the “flu shot” is a vaccine.  Once again, its going to be a really bad flu season.  Notice its always going to be a really bad flu season. Do your research. Make an educated decision.  Are we being told everything about vaccines? No. We are not. Oh yes..wash […]

The World – Shattering Cancer With Resonant Frequencies

I wonder if this is true. It was discovered around 80 years ago that resonant sound waves killed cancer cells.  So why are we not using that technology today?  I am sure you can guess.

The World – Will Robots Take My Job?

Will a Universal Basic Income system, such as the scheme that Ontario is presently studying, allow companies to pay their workers less? Will the taxpayer end up subsidizing the private sector?  Will the corporatocracy end up making higher profits while paying the workers less? Will workers wages be frozen?  Permanently low? Nobody has asked these […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Not a lot today because I had to cut my walk short. These are the new curbs constructed at the intersection of Court and Bay Streets. I am not sure what they are all about.  Does the curb lane end at the intersection?  How does this work?  Can vehicles legally make a turn there? I […]