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The World – Lyme Disease, Nazis and the US Army

How are Nazis and the US Army connected to ticks carrying the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease?  Easy.  The infected ticks were created as a bio-weapon in a lab located on Plum Island, Connecticut.  The island is located across the bay from a town called Lyme. Lyme Connecticut. Yes…..the disease was named after the place […]

The World – Operation Northwoods Document…The Smoking Gun

The Truthstream Media team take a close look at the declassified Operation Northwoods document. This document dates from March 1962. Basically it lists methods that the US military can use to create an incident that would justify an invasion/war with Cuba. I am sure that you can see how many of these “suggestions” bare a […]

The World – Why Are The Penguins Dying?

Penguins are dying. Why? Climate change? Its the reason that you see everywhere in the mainstream media. It may be climate change. The planet’s climate is changing. However, the penguins’ problems are caused by too much ice, not less ice. Yes, earth’s climate is changing. But so are things on other planets in our solar […]