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The World – Remembering The Zika Virus Scare

Remember the Zika virus panic last year? Well, Truthsream Media took a close look at the issue.  You might be interested to hear what they found. A world with GM mosquitoes.  What could go wrong?  

The World – Baltimore 12th Grader Tests At 4th Grade Math Level

This story is about the Baltimore school system but it can just as easily be Thunder Bay. Kids are longer allowed to fail. It hurts their self-esteem.  It makes them feel sad.  We can’t have sad students so students are simply moved to the next grade, whether they deserve to pass or not. I believe […]

Canada – Indigenous Victimhood

The Australian and Canadian indigenous peoples have much in common. An interesting interview with Anthony Dillon, a member of the Australian indigenous population discussing the need for indigenous Australians to rid themselves of the ingrained idea that they are victims.  Victimhood. Substitute Australia with Canada.  It interview still holds true. The Canadian indigenous population must […]