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Thunder Bay – Wednesday Sky

Some photos of the sky on Wednesday morning.  The first half are HDR photos.  The rest are conventional.

Canada – LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP….Only In Canada? Pity.

Canadian elementary school teachers attend ‘LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP’ inclusiveness training session A Canadian school board is making progressive steps by having teachers participate in extensive inclusiveness training, but the title of the session has left some perplexed. The Canadian Elementary Teachers Federation (ETFO) of Ontario hosted a LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP inclusiveness training session on June 6. The acronym stands for Lesbian, […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

I pass these every day.  I still do not understand why the installation of whatever is going to be here was not included in last summer’s Court Street construction contract. It would most likely be cheaper and it would be up and running right now. As it is, these bases are open to damage all […]

Thunder Bay - Hydro Debt...Show Me The Money!

Thunder Bay – Hydro Debt…Show Me The Money!

Hydro to repay $1.4M to city Repayment of a long-term debt dating back to 2000 has resulted in an additional $1.4 million for the city’s reserve funds. City council on Monday night unanimously approved a recommendation from administration to demand repayment of a $1.4 million note payable owed by the Thunder Bay Hydro Corporation to […]

The World – Net Neutrality

Net neutrality….its in the news. I am sure you are all for the idea of governments regulating the Internet.  Who would argue against that concept?  Well, Jeffrey Tucker makes a case as to why net neutrality is exactly what the telecom giants want.  Regulation stifles competition.  Competition improves service and eventually will lower prices.  (read […]