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Canada – Feds Ask Industry For Icebreaking Help Amid Concerns About Coast Guard’s Fleet

Feds ask industry for icebreaking help amid concerns about Coast Guard’s fleet The federal government has turned to the private sector for help in keeping the country’s waters free of ice during the winter months amid concerns about the state of Canada’s icebreaking fleet. Companies were invited Tuesday to submit proposals for the provision of […]

The World – US Air Force Harvesting Russian Tissue

…and the US is supposed to be the good guys? US Air Force Admits To Harvesting Russian Tissue A day after Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised members of Russia’s human rights council by informing them that some shadowy entity – possibly with ties to the United States – had been collecting biological tissues from Russians […]

Thunder Bay - Pumpkin Parade

Thunder Bay – Pumpkin Parade

Some photos from tonight’s Pumpkin Parade held at Hillcrest Park.  I was only there for 30 minutes or so. I am sure more pumpkins arrived after I left.  With candles in many, the pumpkins would have looked great after it got dark.