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The World – 100 Million Americans Have Diabetes Or Are Pre-Diabetic

In the US 100 million people have diabetes or pre-diabetes according to the CDC.  Fifty percent of the population suffering from a chronic illness.  What they are looking at is a financial catastrophe that is waiting to happen. What are the Canadian numbers?  People are getting fatter.  People’s lifestyle is getting more sedentary.  Diets are […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Roofing work taking place on the new DSSAB apartment building under construction at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Streets. Its cold up there. A new addition to the fenced off area.  An out door toilet. with an insulating cover Comfort for the workers is important… Not so for the winter visitors to the south […]

Thunder Bay – Algoma Street Sidewalk Hazard

I have been mentioning this in my daily posts for quite a while now. With freezing temperatures becoming the norm now, its time that our high salaried residents of City Hall do something about it…before someone slips and falls. What is happening?  The building’s sump pump is pumping water onto the public sidewalk.  It has […]

The World – Syria, The Real Story

Another video that shows how the US created the civil war in Syria.  This one is from Newsbud which I believe to be an extremely well researched and trustworthy source of information. The US is now turning its attention to Iran and Lebanon. This war will involve the same players as the war in Syria.  […]

Thunder Bay – This Is The Kind Of City You Live In

This is the city that you live in.  A city where nothing is safe from vandalism…anywhere. Sooo, not only is the city full of lazy, selfish assholes, people who must park as close as possible to the door they want to enter, even if it puts pedestrians in danger, and people who throw their trash […]