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Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Saturday is Remembrance Day.  I wonder how many of these I will see laying around town after Saturday?First a fence, then a toilet and now a container.  Some work is taking place on the building. Trash that I believe originated from the Chronicle Journal property litters streets around that business. Much of that trash ends […]

Thunder Bay - Algoma Street Sidewalk Ice Hazard Update

Thunder Bay – Algoma Street Sidewalk Ice Hazard Update

This is what happens if you allow a building to pump water out onto a public sidewalk and street when temperatures dip below freezing. Salt spread onto the street. Taxpayer funded salt I believe.  Had this situation been dealt with weeks ago, all this could have easily been avoided.  Sadly, we have a building owner […]

The World – The Earth’s Three Protective Shields Are Weakening.

If you are feeling too happy and need to be brought back to reality, then watch these videos from the Suspicious Observers website. Turns out our solar system is travelling around our galaxy.  Who new? Things are about to get very interesting for people still living on this planet in the not distant future…and not […]

The World – How Broke Is The House Of Saud? How Is That Affecting Things In The Middle East?

How Broke is the House of Saud? November 8, 2017  Posted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  Trying to figure out what on earth is happening in the Middle East appears to have gotten a lot harder. Perhaps (because) it’s become more dangerous too. There are so many players, and connections between players, involved now that even making one […]