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Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Tree cutting operation taking place on Bay Street.  Is the whole tree going to be cut down? Looks like it.Water still being pumped out onto the sidewalk.  (see previous posts here)  Hopefully this practice will be stopped this week. Deposits do not matter to some people.Work begins on Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board […]

The World – Freedom Of Speech in the US Takes A Massive Kick To The Groin

An article by Robert Parry about the US Department of Justice requiring the Russia Today News Organization to register as a foreign agent.  RT is a channel that I regularly watch because the news and opinions they present are not corporate or government propaganda….not even Russian government propaganda, which funds RT. The US corporatocracy hates […]

Thunder Bay – Parents Weigh School Versus Safety In Thunder Bay

Parents weigh school versus safety in Thunder Bay In remote communities throughout northwestern Ontario, Indigenous families are afraid for their children. For many communities in the North, the reality for young people is that moving far from home is often their only way to get a high school education. But sending students to the city takes […]