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Thunder Bay – Algoma Street Ice Hazard Update

Looks like water is no longer being pumped out onto the public sidewalk and street.  I will check on it tomorrow. Frozen.  This means that water has not passed through that drain pipe for quite a while.

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Budweiser, seems to be gaining popularity amongst Thunder Bay’s public drinkers. The City of Thunder Bay should consider trimming some tree branches on the side of the tree that is opposite to the hydro lines.  The branches that are hanging over the street.  Try to balance the weight. Showing its age. Mmmmmm…. Obligatory shopping cart […]

Thunder Bay – Racism Or Gang Viloence…What Is The Real Threat To Thunder Bay’s Indigenous Population?

  Indigenous women targeted as street gangs flood Thunder Bay Kenneth Jackson, Willow Fiddler and James Robinson APTN News She needed the money so she let the gang members in her home. Then things went crazy. They tried to take over and use her home as a trap house, a place where street gangs run […]

Thunder Bay – Bald Eagles

Funny…for years, for me, sightings have been rare. Now its a daily occurrence.  Now, if the weather would only cooperate.

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

The results of the tree cutting on Bay Street mentioned in yesterday’s post.  Branches around the hydro/telephone lines were trimmed on one tree. As of now, the trees are still there. What do you do with a poppy after Remembrance Day?  You leave them lying around the city. A Bald Eagle on the waterfront,  I […]