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Canada – Consortium Offers Canada A Deal On a New Fleet Of Frigates That Could Save $32 Billion

  Consortium offers Canada a deal on a new fleet of frigates that could save $32 billion Fincantieri of Italy and Naval Group of France — major forces in international shipbuilding — are offering to guarantee the cost of the ships at a fixed $30 billion In a surprise twist in Canada’s shipbuilding saga, a […]

Canada – Liberals Want To Limit Prosecutions Of People Who Don’t Reveal HIV Status To Sex Partner

Liberals want to limit prosecutions of people who don’t reveal HIV status to sex partners The Liberal government wants to limit the cases where Canadians are prosecuted for not revealing they’re HIV-positive when they pose a “negligible” risk to their sex partner. A new study from the federal Justice Department released today says the criminal justice […]

Thunder Bay - Chronicle Journal's Inability To Contain Trash Within Own Property Limits

Thunder Bay – Chronicle Journal’s Inability To Contain Trash Within Own Property Limits

Not an unusual site along the Water Street side of the Chronicle Journal property.  No pride in their community?  Interesting behaviour by a company that continually promotes Thunder Bay as a natural wonderland. You think anyone is going to pick all this up?  If someone does, that person or persons will certainly not be employed […]