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Canada – Canada To Buy Used Australian Jets

Federal government scraps plan to buy Boeing jets, turns to Australian military instead The federal government will officially punish Boeing Co. for its trade dispute against Canada’s Bombardier Inc., replacing the planned order of 18 new Boeing jets with the purchase of up to 30 second-hand fighters from the Australian military, sources said. Government and […]

Canada – Eliminating Sexism From Indian Act Will Cost $407 million A Year. Actually, It Will Cost 10 Times That…

Eliminating sexism from Indian Act will cost $407-million a year Removing the last vestiges of sexism from the Indian Act will cost the federal government more than $400-million a year, according to a new report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer. On Monday, the House of Commons passed a significantly amended version of the bill it […]

Thunder Bay - Snowy Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Snowy Tuesday

I wonder what they are up to? Traffic lights were out around the city No power here Strangely, a block away the lights were working. There is a cyclist sneaking up behind you… Seriously? Another empty canola oil box.  This one is not in Marina Park.  Is this a trend? Aha!  A sump pumping water […]