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Thunder Bay – A Waterfront Mystery

Today, I had an epiphany. Why did I not notice this before? It had to do with the $1 million piece of public art located on our waterfront.  It is divided into two halves.  One half is located at the end of Pier 1.  The other half is located at the end of Pier 3.  […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

The Wilson Street sump caused ice hazard continues to grow. Bethel Lutheran Church…. I wonder how much ice will be allowed to accumulate before someone does something about it?  You would think that the church administers and the congregation would notice but apparently not.  Maybe they are waiting for a message from God? Pigeon tracks […]

Thunder Bay – Buying Our Votes With Our Own Money

FedNor cash to contribute to intricate restoration process of carousels The 28 wooden horses of the carousel at Chippewa Park have probably been ridden for millions of miles, said Donna Gilhooly, co-chair of the carousel restoration committee. Built in 1915 by the C.W. Parker Company, the carousel is one of only three left in the […]