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Thunder Bay - Merry Christmas

Thunder Bay – Merry Christmas

    I am taking a week break for Christmas so I can hang around with my family.  I will return on December 27th.  I hope nothing exciting happens in the mean time.

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Christmas Decorations I have seen Tough for pedestrians The snow was blowing but you can’t tell much from this photo This cannot be good. I’m no expert but water and electricity do not mix Of on another call The paint marks are getting covered with blowing snow Blowing snow on the waterfront MV Cedarglen is […]

Canada – Lindsay Shepherd Update

The latest in the Lindsay Shepherd saga.  (previously related post here) I would not have a child attend Wilfred Laurier University.  No way.  There are better choices in Canada.  Research is required. I am not sure what kind of citizens that that institution is turning out.  What I do know is that those citizens will […]