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Thunder Bay - Sail Superior Zodiac Power Boat Tour To Porphyry Island Lighthouse

Thunder Bay – Sail Superior Zodiac Power Boat Tour To Porphyry Island Lighthouse

Not the best weather. Choppy water and rain at the island did not allow for lots of photography. Plus the boat travels extremely fast. Sail Superior  website. Trip worth it and I plan on going out next summer again, hopefully on a sunny day. Porphyry Island Provincial Park.  Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior website Click […]

Canada – The Trouble With Hate Speech

no apologies for heckler encounter, pledges to call out ‘hate speech’ Hate speech and the politics of division are creating a “dangerous path” for Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday as he vowed to steer clear of such roads and to continue calling out those who rely on “extremist” methods to make their voices heard. Trudeau […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Court Street still a couple of weeks away from completion We have two of these now Waiting to get into Marina Park Pool 6 pond is getting low.   MV Happy River MV Kaministiqua A large group of loiterers hanging around the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass).  I can see some new graffiti on the windows […]

Thunder Bay - Marina Park - Private Property?

Thunder Bay – Marina Park – Private Property?

Noticed this fence south of the boat launch parking lot. I assume this has something to do with the construction contract recently awarded to Bruno Contracting. Rec trail extension, street extension and landscaping. The area directly south of the trees is the proposed site of the waterfront location of Waterfront Art Gallery. A sign on […]

Canada - Canada's Tax System Skewed To Protect The Wealthy - The Return Of Captain Obvious

Canada – Canada’s Tax System Skewed To Protect The Wealthy – The Return Of Captain Obvious

Most CRA auditors polled say Canada’s tax system is skewed to protect the wealthy A union-sponsored survey of more than 1,700 auditors and other tax professionals who work for the Canada Revenue Agency suggests that even the insiders believe the cards are stacked in favour of the rich. Nine out of 10 surveyed agreed with […]

Thunder Bay - Calgary 2018 Part 3

Thunder Bay – Calgary 2018 Part 3

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Hot sunny midsummer day had few birds hanging around. The few that were there were sitting in the shade. Don’t blame them. Click on any image to enlarge Breakfast at Denny’s Hot and sunny day so what birds were hanging around the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Female Wood Duck Red Tailed Hawk? Another […]

The World – The Space Kingdom Of Asgardia

Yes, the Space Kingdom of Asgardia is a thing. You can become a citizen of the Space Kingdom Of Asgardia if you want.  There are hundreds of thousands of people who have already signed up.  Ten of them live in Thunder Bay.  Yes, there are 10 Asgardians living in Thunder Bay at the time this post […]

Thunder Bay – Private Pot Store ‘Opt-Out’ Question To Go To Thunder Bay City Council

Private pot store ‘opt-out’ question to go to Thunder Bay City Council The question of whether or not Thunder Bay will allow privately-run pot shops next year will go before city council, the city manager says. The Ontario government will give the province’s municipalities a one-time chance to “opt-out” of allowing the stores within their […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Double click on any image to enlarge Another Thunder Bay hero risking his life in order to ride his bicycle on the street where it belongs. Hmmm…construction fence gone up at the south end of Marina Park.   I wonder what they are going to do?  Rec trail extension, road extension, landscaping, maybe some site work […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

The Pearl Street entrance crows. Some bare areas were mulched Beaver work around the Pool 6 pond The path the beaver uses to drag the tree to the water A male American Goldfinch sitting in a tree that was just a little too far away for my camera. I have become fascinated with this group […]