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Canada – When It Comes To Handing Out Cheques….

When it comes to cheque hand-outs, the Trudeau government easily tops Harper’s record After just over two years in office, the Trudeau Liberals have made nearly 9,000 spending announcements, easily eclipsing the 7,300 spending announcements made during the four-year majority government of their predecessors, the Harper Conservatives. The combined value of all those Liberal announcements […]

Thunder Bay – How To Waste A Million Dollars? Give It To Thunder Bay

Cycling infrastructure gets monetary boost When the province announced close to $900,000 in funding for cycling infrastructure in Thunder Bay just before the holidays, Adam Krupper, the city’s mobility co-ordinator said he was blown away. “I saved the email and then I printed out the email just in case this wasn’t real,” said Krupper. Thunder […]

Thunder Bay – Take The Money And Run

Atikokan pellet plant stays open as Rentech goes bankrupt The future of an important player in Atikokan’s economy appears secure despite the bankruptcy of U.S.- based Rentech Inc. The company struck a deal in December to sell its Atikokan wood pellet mill, just before filing for bankruptcy. Rentech’s other northern Ontario asset, a pellet plant in Wawa, […]

Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Mercury Clean-Up. Who Put The Stuff There In The First Place?

Councillor calls for mercury cleanup in Thunder Bay A member of Thunder Bay City Council believes the city needs to apply pressure on the federal government to deal with the 400,000 cubic metres of mercury-contaminated sediment in Thunder Bay harbour. Andrew Foulds, who chairs the city’s EarthCare Advisory Committee, said the group has already identified the industrial pollution […]

The World – Suspicious Observers

If you are interested in what’s happening with the earth and the sun, then I recommend Lots of free information there.  Even more if you decide to subscribe.  Worth a look. Below, Ben Davidson takes you through what is available on the website. What is free and what you get if you subscribe.

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

A dead pigeon Looks like someone hit the pole. The DSSAB building at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Streets. Another sidewalk cyclist. Sidewalks get narrower after every snowfall. At what point are they too narrow to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists? An unsung hero picking up trash in the north end of the city. […]