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Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

A thin blue line on the horizon. Drilling on the waterfront continues You can see where the people were playing on the ice yesterday. Looks like one person broke through. Snow blowing on the railway tracks continue.  You can see a pair of groups loitering in the pedestrian overpass.

The World – Scott Adams On The Shithole Statement and the Merit-Based Immigration Policy

Scott Adams has some questions for the “deeply offended press” about the merit-based immigration plan and the alleged use of the term “shitholes”. Be warned, he does swear. . I use the term “shithole” once and a while. I define the word as a place or places that you would not want to visit or […]

The World – Stem Cell Therapy

Something interesting…stem cell therapy.  Not the cells from human embryos, so don’t get all upset.  MSC cells. Mesenchymal stromal cells.

Thunder Bay – Budget To Spend Less On Road Mainenance

Budget to spend less on roads as maintenance costs rise Proposed 2018 city budget has $7 million earmarked for road repaving, down from $10.1 million the previous year and the now $13 million estimated annually to maintain the network. The city’s proposed budget would spend $3 million less on road work than last year, even […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

This is a good a sunrise photo you will ever see me take.  I am not crawling out of a nice warm bed to go stand in the freezing dark waiting for the sun to rise.  I did it once.  That’s enough. Blowing snow off of the railway tracks.   A few photos to show […]

The World – British Prime Minister May Appoints First Ever “Minister For Loneliness”

British Prime Minister May appoints first ever ‘Minister for Loneliness’ British Prime Minister Theresa May announced the creation of a Ministry of Loneliness on Wednesday to combat what she called “the sad reality of modern life” affecting millions of people. The move comes in response to the work of a slain MP and a collection […]

The World – Amazon Unveils 20 City Finalists For HQ2

FYI….Sault Ste. Marie ON did not make it the final 20 list. Amazon Unveils 20 City Finalists For HQ2, Expects To Create 50,000 Jobs In Winning City On Thursday morning, Amazon announced that it had reviewed 238 proposals from across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to host HQ2, the company’s second headquarters in North America, […]

Thunder Bay - The Waterfront Sign Is No Longer Blank

Thunder Bay – The Waterfront Sign Is No Longer Blank

Noticed this today Phase 2 of Prince Arthur’s Landing.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the parking lot that was planned just north of the pond? Buying 110,000 jobs every year across Ontario….with our own money.  No government money, no jobs.  That is the ugly truth. No mention of the $40 million […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday Art Filter Photos

Thunder Bay – Wednesday Art Filter Photos

I watched a video of Iceland shot with an Olympus OM-D-EM1 using an “art filter”. I thought I would do the same with a few photos today.  I am not a fan of these filters but, worth a shot anyway. You can click on any image to enlarge it,

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

People who park their vehicles on the street need to be held responsible gfor clearing the snow off of the road. Had the vehicle not been there, all this snow would have been removed by the plow.  The City of Thunder Bay needs to look into this.  Snowplows should not be plowing the same streets […]