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The World – What’s Up with Iran? What Is Going On There And Why?

Sooo what’s up with Iran? What is behind the protests? James Corbett talks us through it. Who is behind these protest?  The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia?

The World – Israel Arrests 16 Year Old Girl – Free Ahed Tamimi

Israel arrests a 16 year old Palestinian girl because she has become an International symbol BDS against Israel. Boycott, Divest and Sanctions…it is working. (previous related posts here) Below is coverage of the event by Haaretz, which is an Israeli newspaper. The Intercept coverage of the event here.

Thunder Bay - Thursday - Another Verrry Cold Day

Thunder Bay – Thursday – Another Verrry Cold Day

Obligatory shopping cart photos Mentioned this sign before.  It is supposed to be standing at the end of a traffic island warning drivers that the island exists.  The sign has been laying here for a month? Where the sign is supposed to be. I would think that the sign, once it was knocked down, would […]

Thunder Bay – How To Waste A Million Dollars? Give It To Thunder Bay

Cycling infrastructure gets monetary boost When the province announced close to $900,000 in funding for cycling infrastructure in Thunder Bay just before the holidays, Adam Krupper, the city’s mobility co-ordinator said he was blown away. “I saved the email and then I printed out the email just in case this wasn’t real,” said Krupper. Thunder […]