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The World – Troubling Facts Behind The Nunes Memo – Jimmy Dore Show

Jimmy and the crew take you through the recently released House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. They make it easier for people to understand just what the thing says and what it all means. Remember that the Jimmy Dore Show is not a fan of Donald Trump.  Sooo, if you hate the Donald, want and […]

The World – Are Men And Women More Similar Or Different?

Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson discuss the biological and temperamental differences between men and women. Love him or hate him, Jordan Peterson does make sense.

Canada – Trudeau Does Not Like Proportional Representation. He Never Liked Proportional Representation……Even When He Promised Electoral Reform During The 2015 Election

  Justin Trudeau on electoral reform: Maybe consistency isn’t the word “My responsibility as a prime minister,” Justin Trudeau said to the CBC’s Chris Hall, “is to do things that are good for the country. I came to very clearly believe that a form of proportional representation would be harmful to Canada.” Great. When was that? […]

The World – The Religion Of Peace, Love And Tolerence Wants To Jail Gays And People Engaged In Unmarried Sex

You unmarried and having sex?  You gay?  Then you don’t want to be living in the country with the world’s largest Muslim population…Indonesia.  In fact, you don’t want to be gay and live  in any Muslim majority country.  edges closer to criminalizing gay and extramarital sex Prison sentences up to 5 years for unmarried partners […]

The World – FISA Memo Released By The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelegence

The controversial four page FISA memo was released today by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. If you are interested in what it has to say, go to the ZeroHedge website here. This is a long way from over.  

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Not a lot of photos today because its really cold. Two of my favourite subjects.  You probably wonder why I take sooo many photos of the Giant and the lighthouse. Well, when you are down on the waterfront staring out on that sea of whiteness, they are all you can see.  Plus, each day they […]

The World – The Corbett Report’s Real Fake News Stories of 2017

The first annual “Dino” Awards. The Real Fake news stories of 2017. Definitely worth a watch. Show notes here Announcement of 2017 Real Fake News here