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The World – Super Bowl Security Has Turned Minneapolis Into A Military Police State – Soooo, Does This Mean We Are Winning The War On Terror?

Super Bowl Security Has Turned Minneapolis Into a Military Police State The Department of Homeland Security has designated Super Bowl LII a National Special Security Event (an event deemed a potential target for terrorism or criminal activity) with a SEAR-I classification. The National Guard, federal agencies, and law enforcement from across the country have been […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Remember Big Lots?  Renco Foods bought some of their carts after Big Lots closed. In a previous post, I mentioned all the light poles that were installed as part of the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million plus premier tourist destination AKA Prince Arthur’s Landing that were flagged as rotten. Two had already fallen over.  […]

The World – Troubling Facts Behind The Nunes Memo – Jimmy Dore Show

Jimmy and the crew take you through the recently released House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. They make it easier for people to understand just what the thing says and what it all means. Remember that the Jimmy Dore Show is not a fan of Donald Trump.  Sooo, if you hate the Donald, want and […]