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The World – Dow Jones Record Breaking Plunge. Here’s Why.

What caused the stock market to drop so much so quickly? The U.S. economy is doing well. Unemployment numbers are down and wages are up. That’s why.  What’s good the people is bad for the stock market. Jimmy Dore and the crew talk you through it.  Warning: Jimmy Dore swears now and then. A Related […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Walking along the Water Street sidewalk in the vicinity of the Chronicle Journal property. The CJ building is in the background. I wonder what hit this can?  You can still get the deposit back if you return it to the Beer Store. Someone left some cereal for the birds.  The stuff is borderline poisonous for […]

Canada – Alberta Versus British Columbia

How Trudeau hasn’t left himself any wiggle room on pipeline politics When skilled politicians find themselves in uncomfortably tight places, it’s usually a safe guess that their next move will be to look for wiggle room. What’s the compromise solution, the diplomatic dodge, the safe middle ground? But the squeeze on Justin Trudeau, as the […]

The World – Elon Musk Launched Tesla Roadster Into Space

Yup…Musk launched a Tesla roadster into space.  It was supposed to head to Mars but now its going to the asteroid belt  between Mars and Jupiter instead.  

Ontario – Carbon Tax – What Are Those Dollars Being Used For?

Carbon tax divides rivals for Ontario PC leadership The carbon tax proposed in the Ontario Progressive Conservative platform is emerging as a key point of difference among the three candidates vying to replace Patrick Brown as party leader. Doug Ford is vowing to scrap it, Christine Elliott is asking party members what to do about […]